“+” · Reel 2012 by Helio Vega

After 3 years working in his own studio, The Silence, Helio Vega is back to freelance with ‘+’ his new reel, that includes personal pieces, creation proceses and final works. Here you will find the most important scenes of his professional career including frames of his last work for Wired Magazine (one of the best business American magazines) with the video opening for Disrupted by Design, conferences placed in New York with international speakers as Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO.

It is not a coincidence that ‘+’ it´s the chosen name for this reel. On the one hand it represents mathematically the sum of all his experiences through his 12 years of profession. On the other hand it conceptually symbolizes an extra value, something that´s inherent in him, essential in each and every creation he´s involved in: passion.

Helio Vega is Creative Director and Designer based in Madrid. The base of his work is the transmission of an emotional concept through layers of composition, movement and timing. His knowledge goes trough conceptual script, creativity, direction, motion design and postproduction. Helio combines his work with his passion for teaching motion graphics to new professionals trough his experience. He currently collaborates with CICE Madrid, IED Madrid and Mr. Marcel School.