7 Countries Who Have Best Soccer Players in the World

Soccer is a beautiful game and these 7 countries that produce the best soccer players in the world are among the most credited for that fact. There is a saying in the world of soccer: “Everybody now knows to play well”. That is a fact; there has never been fiercer competition. For example, in the past, there were countries that didn’t have good players competing on the highest level. Now, almost every country is strong enough to make a difference on the soccer field.

7. England

England Best Soccer Players in the World

The country that created the modern soccer clearly deserved a place on our list. England has the strongest soccer league in the world, but when it comes to players produced in this country, the situation is not so bright. Players from England are not as dominant as they used to be, which proves the fact that their national team’s last title was in 1966. The most notable players England produced are Garry Lineker, George Best, David Beckham and lately Wayne Rooney.

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